The Ultimate Solution
For Food Transportation

The Ultimate Solution For Food Transportation

Temptainer ® catering trolleys with sustainability at heart

Why Temptainer?

Preserve first-class food quality

Temptainer is a reliable solution for transporting various food types at their optimal temperatures, meeting strict food safety standard. Our innovative design ensures freshness and preserves taste and nutrition during transportation.

Built to last with durable materials and user-friendly ergonomics, our products guarantee ease of use and a prolonged product lifespan.

We stand behind quality. Please check the facts and parameters of Temptainer.


Ensure food quality preservation through efficient heating and cooling processes while upholding strict hygiene standards.


Achieve a lower carbon footprint and reduce energy consumption with our products engineered for a extended longevity and recyclability.


Experience a favorable work environment, where our products provide excellent ergonomics to guarantee safe and efficient operations.


Our products boast a robust construction and employ sustainable materials, ensuring an extended service life and minimal maintenance expenses. Consequently, this not only lowers service costs but also contributes to a positive environmental impact.

Solutions for



Elderly homes



100 years of innovation

Temptainer trolleys utilize stainless steel construction, ensuring impeccable hygiene, exceptional durability, and longevity, all proudly made in the EU.

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What do we do for sustainability?

At Hallins, we prioritize the well-being and safety of employees, fostering a conducive work environment and providing opportunities for professional growth.

We contribute to sustainability by offering durable and long-lasting trolley solutions, reducing the need for frequent replacements and thus lowering overall costs for our customers. Moreover, our commitment to using stainless steel, a recyclable material, contributes to a circular economy and reduces the consumption of finite resources. We employ energy-efficient manufacturing processes, sourcing materials responsibly, and implementing waste reduction and recycling initiatives.

All of us understand that our actions today shape a better and more prosperous future for people and the planet as a whole.

The Temptainer Team


Stainless steel exhibits exceptional mechanical resilience, with its robust mechanical properties contributing to an extended lifespan. Its durable and sturdy design guarantees longevity, ensuring a product’s durability over time. Employing high-quality components further enhances the product’s service life, ultimately leading to a lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). Stainless steel requires minimal maintenance, boasts low power consumption, and results in a reduced Life Cycle Cost (LCC). Additionally, it is reusable, contributing to sustainable and cost-effective solutions.


Stainless steel is a safe material that poses no harm to individuals either during its production or utilization. Consequently, stainless steel stands as the primary material choice in various sectors, including medical, food processing, household, and catering applications.

A sustainable material ensures the well-being of those involved in its production, handling during its lifecycle, recycling, and ultimate disposal. This is particularly vital in promoting safety and environmental consciousness.

Our product boasts an ergonomic design, thanks to the following features:

Vertical handles for ease of use.

Castors with low initial resistance and smooth rolling.

One-handed door latch for convenience.

Efficient maneuverability to enhance usability.

Easy cleaning, with an IP rating of up to IP 55, allowing water-based cleaning.

Outstanding insulation, ensuring no risk of burns due to low external temperatures.

Minimal noise emissions from fans, contributing to noise pollution reduction.

Stringent safety measures in place.

Stable design for reliability.

Third-party testing for compliance with EMC, electrical safety standards, and adherence to the Machinery Directive.

We are committed to delivering products that not only excel in performance but also prioritize safety, sustainability, and user-friendliness.


Stainless steel boasts a minimal environmental footprint throughout the “cradle-to-gate” metal production process.

It exhibits low GER (Gross Energy Requirements).

It has a low GWP (Global Warming Potential).

Moreover, stainless steel holds several sustainability advantages:

It is 100% recyclable.

Stainless steel necessitates no regular maintenance.

Its exceptional mechanical durability ensures a prolonged lifespan.

It qualifies as a low-emission material, as it requires no additional coatings, resulting in zero emissions.

In comparison to alternative materials such as aluminum and plastic, stainless steel emits significantly lower CO2.

Additionally, stainless steel’s inherent corrosion resistance properties are noteworthy.


Maintaining precise temperature control within the trolley is paramount for preserving the quality of the food.

Our use of hygienic materials and thoughtful design guarantees the highest standards of food quality.

Furthermore, our trolleys are easy to clean, featuring pressed guides and rounded corners, as well as being fully welded for added durability.

With efficient heating and cooling systems in place, our trolleys adhere to HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points) standards, ensuring that temperatures are kept within the optimal range – neither too low nor too high.

We are also committed to upholding GHP (Good Hygienic Practice) throughout our product line, guaranteeing top-notch food safety.

Power rating reduction up to 60% compare to previous generations.

Raising the bar in product quality. 

99% made in EU

99% of the materials used in temptainer production come from Europe.

Stainless steel!

Our inclination towards stainless steel is rooted in a number of pivotal factors.

Ready within 20 minutes

This performance underscores its effectiveness in situations where quick temperature adjustments are paramount.

Czech Office

Petr Pavlásek

Temptainer Development Manager

Petra Žáčková


Swedish Office

Lars Torpman

Vice President & Export Sales

Andreas Karlsson


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