Temptainer Tower

Elevating Your Catering Experience

The Temptainer Tower is a versatile catering trolley with two stacked compartments, offering various configurations to meet your needs. It combines convection heating, compressor cooling, and a neutral compartment in up to 24 customizable setups, building upon the successful Single model.

Elegance Meets Efficiency

The stylish Temptainer Tower combines an attractive exterior with impressive energy efficiency. It maintains consistent temperatures thanks to 40–70 mm of polyurethane foam insulation, minimizing thermal leakage and energy consumption. Advanced technology and effective insulation ensure your culinary creations stay fresh.

Environmentally Friendly Design

Sustainability is a priority. The stainless steel construction ensures durability and aesthetics, while perfect welding simplifies cleaning and resistance to cleaning agents, maintaining hygiene standards.

Effortless Transportation

The trolley is equipped with large, smooth-rolling wheels with ball bearings, while the front swivel wheels come with step-on brakes for added stability during transportation.

Expand Your Possibilities

Take advantage of our wide range of accessories designed to enhance the functionality and ease of use of the Temptainer Tower.

Elevate your catering operation with the Temptainer Tower, where style meets efficiency and sustainability for an exceptional catering experience.


80 °C


4 °C

Download datasheet after size selection

Trays options

Temptainer 6 GN

Wide variety of sizes

Choose from eight size options.
(4+4 GN, 4+6 GN, 4+8 GN, 6+4 GN, 6+6 GN, 6+8 GN, 8+4 GN, 8+6 GN)

Stainless steel

Thanks to top materials and pressed guides Temptainer offers perfect hygienic conditions and a long service life.

PU-foam insulation

Excellent PU-foam insulation supports powerfull heating and cooling and allows to maintain a stable temperature in the neutral variant for a long time.

Extra accessories

The standard product can be expanded with additional accessories.

Dual touch control system

As the Tower model offers the possibility of up to two thermal units, their control is achieved through a dual touch control system located on the top of the trolley. The left controller allows for the adjustment of all upper unit functions, while the right one provides control over the lower unit. All operation is straightforward, intuitive, and purposeful, just like with other Temptainer models. In the event that one or both of the cabinets lack a thermal unit, and therefore do not require a controller, their positions are blinded based on the placement of the neutral unit.

Separate cabinets insulation

The Temptainer Tower is ingeniously designed with a focus on optimizing thermal efficiency. This innovative model boasts two distinct, independently insulated cabinets, meticulously engineered to deliver the utmost reduction in thermal losses. Moreover, these cabinets are thoughtfully separated by a central panel, strategically employed to minimize thermal conductivity even further.

The unique design of the Temptainer Tower guarantees the preservation of precise internal temperatures within each compartment, without any risk of thermal interference between them. This groundbreaking solution effectively eradicates the possibility of thermal bridges, leading to substantial energy savings.

Electricity Static Discharge elimination

The anti-static strap prevents harmful electrostatic discharges. These discharges can damage integrated circuits and result in significant expenses.

A static electricity dissipation tool enables the safe release of electricity into the ground instead of affecting the trolley’s inner parts or the operator handling the equipment.

All non-marking wheels, while made from a different material, lack anti-static characteristics. Therefore, using a grounding strap is crucial.

Tower offers various combinations and sizes

Please select the Tower configuration that best suits your catering requirements. The Temptainer Tower design allows for the serving of hot main courses, followed by chilled desserts or beverages. The Tower provides two storage compartments capable of accommodating either 4 GN 1/1, 6 GN 1/1 or 8 GN 1/1 trays, with a maximum capacity of 14 trays in total. The tray-holding rails are spaced 80 mm apart, and each tier can support a weight of up to 30 kg. The Tower is highly adaptable for transporting both warm and cold food simultaneously, even in constrained operational environments. The refrigerated cabinet is consistently positioned at the bottom of the trolley, while the heated cabinet is situated at the top of the trolley, except for the H+H combination.

Trays options

Temptainer Single 8 GN compartments

Temptainer Single 6 GN compartments

Temptainer Single 4 GN compartments

Czech Office

Petr Pavlásek

Temptainer Development Manager

Petra Žáčková


Swedish Office

Lars Torpman

Vice President & Export Sales

Andreas Karlsson


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