Temptainer Twin

High-capacity Food Transport Solution

Temptainer Twin is ready for big tasks. The trolley features two side-by-side compartments, an evolution of our successful Single model now tailored for high-capacity food transport. Offering versatility, it can be configured with convection heating, compressor cooling, or a neutral compartment. With an impressive capacity, it can hold up to 28 GN 1/1 trays and transport 280 kg of cargo in one trolley. Coupling two trolleys in tandem enables the Twins to deliver 48 trays and nearly half a ton of food, making it perfect for serving multiple school classes. Plus, the spacious upper surface accommodates additional items or two GN 1/1 thermoboxes.

This trolley boasts an attractive stainless steel exterior and interior which guarantees durability and impeccable hygiene. As the other Temptainer models, Twin offers energy-efficient temperature maintenance feature, thanks to its smart design and 40-70 mm polyurethane insulation.

For effortless heavy-load transport, the Twin features large, smoothly rolling wheels with ball bearings and step-on brakes for stability and safety.

Enhance functionality with accessories like a motorized drive system for maneuvering fully loaded trolleys with ease.

The Temptainer Twin is the ultimate companion for transporting large food quantities while maintaining precise temperature control, energy efficiency, robust design, and top-notch hygiene standards.


80 °C


4 °C

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Trays options

Temptainer 10 GN

Wide variety of sizes

Choose from five size options.
(6+6 GN, 8+8 GN, 10+10 GN, 12+12 GN, 14+14 GN)

Stainless steel

Thanks to top materials and pressed guides Temptainer offers perfect hygienic conditions and a long service life.

PU-foam insulation

Excellent PU-foam insulation supports powerfull heating and cooling and allows to maintain a stable temperature in the neutral variant for a long time.

Extra accessories

The standard product can be expanded with additional accessories.

Spacious Flat Top Surface

The top surface of the Temptainer Twin provides double the space compared to the Single or Tower models, making it an excellent additional area for accommodating essential items crucial for catering purposes. With dimensions measuring 580×850 mm, this surface offers ample room and is further protected by a robust top handle.

So, whether you are transporting hot or cold food in both compartments, you have the flexibility to place up to two GN 1/1 Thermoboxes on the top surface, giving you access to an additional approximately 90 liters of thermally insulated storage space.

Exceptional Maneuverability

The Temptainer Twin is purpose-built for transporting substantial volumes of food while meticulously preserving its optimal temperature, condition, and flavor. Given the considerable quantity of food and the size of the trolley, weight becomes a factor to consider. However, the Twin is equipped with impressive large wheels, measuring 160 mm in diameter (optionally available in 200 mm). These wheels are engineered with precision, with one set being static and the other set featuring swivel capabilities and brakes. They are fitted with high-quality ball bearings and high-performance elastic solid rubber tires rated at 65 Shore A hardness. Each wheel boasts a load-bearing capacity of up to 300 kg while moving at speeds of up to 4 km/h.

Their assembly, in conjunction with the ergonomic top handle and optionally available electric motor drive, facilitates smooth, precise, and secure transportation of a fully loaded cart, or even a combination of two carts using a towing system.

Twin Offers Versatile Options and Sizes

When considering the Temptainer Twin as your catering solution, you have the flexibility to tailor your selection to meet your specific requirements, considering both the nature and volume of the food you intend to transport. In essence, the Temptainer Twin provides you with the equivalent of two Singles, complete with all their features, available in sizes ranging from 6 GN to 14 GN. In this context, “size” denotes the tray capacity, accommodating GN 1/1 trays within the trolley. The spacing between the tray-holding rails is 80 mm, and each tier is engineered to support a maximum load of 30 kg. These various combinations offer exceptional ergonomics and operational cost-effectiveness, with the added benefit of being able to enhance the product with a range of compatible accessories to suit your specific needs.

Trays options

Temptainer Single 14 GN compartments

Temptainer Single 12 GN compartments

Temptainer Single 10 GN compartments

Temptainer Single 8 GN compartments

Temptainer Single 6 GN compartments

Czech Office

Petr Pavlásek

Temptainer Development Manager

Petra Žáčková


Swedish Office

Lars Torpman

Vice President & Export Sales

Andreas Karlsson


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