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Enhancing Food Transportation: Temptainer Effective Temperature Control Tests

Test: Heating

The Temptainer shines in rapid temperature elevation, soaring from 22 °C to 80 °C in just 17 minutes. Impressively, this was achieved using a lower wattage heating unit compared to the previous version. This advancement not only enhances efficiency but also safeguards food quality during transit.

Efficient Innovation: The Temptainer Food Trolley’s quick temperature jump underscores its innovation. The use of a low wattage heating unit showcases efficient design and performance optimization.

Preserved Food Excellence: Swift temperature rise in the trolley is a boon for maintaining food quality. By minimizing transition time, delicate dishes retain their texture and flavor, meeting the demands of discerning consumers.

Compliance and Assurance: This achievement ensures compliance with safety regulations and reassures customers of consistent, top-notch food delivery.

The Temptainer Food Trolley’s speedy temperature elevation, coupled with efficiency and quality preservation, ensures its position as a premier solution for temperature-controlled food transportation.

Test: Cooling

Efficient temperature control is a cornerstone of successful food transportation, safeguarding freshness and safety. Our recent assessment of the Temptainer cooling performance within a food trolley setting sheds light on its pivotal role in this critical process.

The experiment aimed to lower the trolley’s initial temperature of 22°C to the desired 4°C. Impressively, the Temptainer achieved this objective in just 13 minutes, staying well within the planned 20-minute timeframe.

The data displayed a consistent, gradual temperature decrease – a pivotal factor in preventing abrupt shifts that can compromise food quality. This aspect underscores the Temptainer reliability in maintaining the integrity of transported food.

Its ability to swiftly attain target temperatures while ensuring controlled cooling reaffirms its significance in upholding quality during transit.

To sum up, our tests underscore how the Temptainer´s effective temperature management within food trolleys significantly elevates the standards of food transportation.

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