In the competitive world of food service and catering, the quality of equipment can make all the difference. That is where Temptainer trolleys truly shine. These cutting-edge products have set new standards in product quality, primarily thanks to their premium PU-foam insulation measuring an impressive 40 up to 70 mm, and absence of any thermal bridges.

One of the key metrics that sets Temptainer apart from its competitors is the outstanding performance revealed by thermal camera tests. When subjected to rigorous testing, Temptainer trolleys consistently demonstrate the best results in the industry, showcasing minimal heat leakage through the front door. This not only ensures food stays at the desired temperature but also translates into substantial energy savings.

During the thermal camera test, the trolley underwent a demanding temperature shift from an ambient 22 °C to a scorching 80 °C. The results were nothing short of remarkable. The zones around the door seal exhibited minimal leakage, with temperatures hovering around a comfortable 27 °C.

Internal temperature stability test.

Please find impressive results of a recent test conducted on our Temptainer trolley, specifically assessing its internal temperature stability. This test involved storing perishable items at a chilled temperature of 4°C inside the Temptainer, while the ambient temperature remained at 22°C. We aimed to examine how the external conditions affected the internal temperature over a specific time frame.

The results of this test are truly outstanding. Despite the significant temperature differential between the external environment and the desired internal temperature, the Temptainer maintained its internal temperature with remarkable precision. In 2 hours and 20 minutes, the internal temperature increased to only 8°C. This level of temperature stability is a testament to the superior insulation and efficient thermal design of the Temptainer, which effectively minimizes heat transfer and thermal bridging.

We believe that such remarkable temperature stability can greatly benefit our customers, ensuring that their products remain at the desired temperature during transportation.

These findings underline the exceptional insulation capabilities of Temptainer trolleys, making them the go-to choice for businesses seeking to maintain the integrity of their food products while also keeping operational costs in check.

In an industry where precision and reliability are paramount, Temptainer’s commitment to product quality is evident. Their trolleys, with their top-of-the-line PU-foam insulation and impressive thermal performance, have undoubtedly set a new benchmark. For businesses that prioritize maintaining the perfect temperature for their culinary creations and value energy efficiency, Temptainer trolleys are the answer. Make the smart choice and elevate your food service with Temptainer’s best-in-class product quality.

The slideshow depicts a time-lapse sequence showcasing temperatures spanning from 22 to 80 °C.

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