INTERZORG Temptainer Customized 14 GN Trolley


Interzorg Service Center Assen


In the year 2020, a collaborative development project was initiated for the Interzorg Service Center situated in Assen, Netherlands. This project marked the synergy between Hallins and Hofland Grootkeuken & Maaltijdtransport, recognized as a key business partner in the Benelux region. The primary objective of this venture was to conceive and deliver 140 Temptainer units of ambient trolleys with 14 GN levels featuring an innovative design. The comprehensive design process was meticulously undertaken by the talented Temptainer team at Hallins International, located in the Czech Republic.


Temptainer team, June 2020


The state-of-the-art Interzorg Service Center in Assen, unveiled in 2020, positions itself as a hub specializing in outsourcing and logistics within the realms of gastronomy and industrial laundry services. It extends its services to a wide array of healthcare, social, and educational facilities across the northern regions of the Netherlands.


Watch Interzorg Service Center operations video


Within the gastronomy sector, the center places a significant emphasis on leveraging regional food resources, procuring from local Frisian farmers with a keen focus on sustainability. The culinary team prepares fresh meals in an industrial-grade kitchen, which are then carefully packaged in reusable porcelain bowls, sealed with covers, and efficiently loaded into Temptainers. Trolleys are subsequently transported using trucks, ensuring meals reach their destinations while maintaining an optimal temperature to preserve freshness and flavor. The catering trolleys need to meet stringent requirements, including high hygiene standards, durability, user-friendly ergonomics, and ease of operation.


Ready to pick up at Hallins International


The project successfully met all specified requirements, and the initial batch of trolleys was dispatched in June 2020. Additional enhancements to the trolleys, including the integration of vertical handles on the rear side to facilitate improved maneuverability, were incorporated into subsequent next deliveries.

Updated version of Temptainer with integrated rear vertical handles


Central brake



Roelof Bos – manager food & drinks at Interzorg & Christa Hofland – owner Hofland Grootkeuken & Maaltijdtransport


Watch unpacking video made by Hofland


In September 2023, representatives from Hallins and Hofland paid a visit to the Interzorg Service Center. During their visit, warmly hosted by Roelof Bos – manager food & drinks at Interzorg, a precise inspection was conducted, ensuring the Temptainers were in optimal working condition. Additionally, the Interzorg representatives were introduced to the latest innovation in the form of the 4th generation Temptainers, showcasing the continuous commitment to excellence and technological advancement.


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